What should you vow? – Pulzus poll


What we all have in common is that we want to live a happy life. It is a goal that drives us even subconsciously as we want to feel good. There are days, however, when we don’t even feel like getting out of bed. Psychologists say that if you can do the following seven things, you can be happier:

– do not brag about your own abilities
– do not subordinate everything to your goals
– do not follow the crowd blindly
– do not blame others
– do not worry about what others think of you
– do not worry about everything
– do not talk all the time

In our research, we were curious about what most people would like to vow from these and thus promote their own happiness.

26% of Pulzus app users want not to worry all the time, and 24% do not want to worry about what others think of them. 11% of respondents would like to take the good advice not to talk all the time.

Which one should you vow to be happier?

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