Should Hungary legalize marijuana? – A survey by Pulzus

In November, Germany legalized the use and commerce of recreational marijuana. In the US, companies trading marijuana have been present on the stock market for years, generating enormous trades, as medical marijuana is classified as a $ 54 billion business. According to experts, with the legalization Germany could have easily created the world’s largest medical and recreational marijuana industry.

Germany’s potential annual production can reach 400 tonnes. Thus, if we calculate with 10 Euros per gram (which is a little over 3500 Forints), this sector may generate more than 1400 billion Forints of revenue for the country. Not to mention that it would also create nearly 27,000 jobs.

In our application, we asked our users what their opinion is about the legalization of marijuana in Hungary.
38% of respondents believe that it should be allowed only for medical purposes, but 24% believe that it should be legalized completely in Hungary.

What do you think about the legalization of marijuana in Hungary?

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