June, the month of Pride

Pride is one of the most divisive issues in Hungarian public life: there are plenty of people on the social spectrum with varying opinions: personally involved, supporters, strongly opposed, and completely uninterested. Every year, great masses of lives are influenced by new policy measures and civil movements related to LGBTQ+ rights. Everyone has an opinion about Pride.

We would like to provide a platform for these voices through the Pulzus application, and give analytics of our polls to examine in more detail what is Hungarian society’s real attitude towards the LGBTQ+ issue.

In the coming weeks, we will prepare a variety of thematic questionnaires for our users in the Pulzus application, the results of which will be reported in separate blog posts. We also strive to share public information and current news about Pride. We firmly believe that the better we understand something, the more accurate, credible, and public good-oriented we can take a position on it.

Download the Pulzus app, answer the questions and be part of this huge social discourse!

Everyone’s opinion matters!