Hungarian roads in the hands of private companies – Pulzus survey

The concession of expressways might be one of Hungary’s most valuable governmental procurements. A concession is a partnership between the public sector and private companies.
In a concession contract, private-sector knowledge can improve public-sector resources without putting public finances at risk or raising public debt.
According to the government, the state does not have enough resources, and there is little or no support from the EU.
They do not want to increase the public debt with loans.

As a result, the government recently struck an arrangement with a private company. They will maintain, build, and operate Hungarian motorways for the next 35 years.

We undertook to find out what thoughts Pulzus users had about the decision.
47% of the respondents disagree with the decision, and 20% are concerned that Hungarian public roads may fall into foreign hands.
Only 6% of those surveyed believe that a private company can do the job at hand more efficiently than the government.

What are your thoughts on this decision?

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