Hungary has a high cancer mortality rate – A survey by Pulzus

Death-rates caused by cancer are extremely bad in Hungary, the country is on top of the list of cancer mortalities in the EU.

Apart from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Northern Poland are also mentioned by Eurostat as having the highest death rate due to cancer.

Eurostat lists lung and colon cancer as the two main types of cancer by region, and only Hungarian regions are found in the first places in all three categories.

The research also includes the study of cancer mortality indicators in people under the age of 65, which is the age group where the fatal outcome could theoretically be prevented. Unfortunately, a Hungarian region is on top of the leader board for this, as well: Northern Hungary had the highest number of cancer deaths in the under-65 age group.

In the Pulzus application, we asked our users how often they go to cancer screenings?
47% of respondents do not regularly attend screening tests.

Do you schedule check-ups regularly to find out if you have any health problems?

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