Is the western military aid of Ukraine fair? – A survey by Pulzus

Russia’s war against Ukraine began at the end of this February. War is still going on in eastern Ukraine, and Russian forces have already captured most of the strategically important city of Severodonetsk.

US President Joe Biden announced that the United States would send nearly seven hundred million dollars of military aid to Ukraine. This encompasses, among other things, modern missile systems, helicopters, Javelin missiles, and vehicles to be used to defend against Russian artillery attacks.

However, it was stipulated that the medium-range missile package could not be used by Ukrainians to attack within Russian territory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and vice-president of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev threatened to “attack targets not yet attacked before” if Ukraine receives missile launchers from the United States.

In our research, we asked our users whether they consider this kind of US military aid as a fair support?

25% of respondents think this aid is entirely acceptable.

What is your opinion on the matter? Do you think it is fair to support the Ukrainian defense in this way?

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