Can food be addictive? – A survey by Pulzus

The body and nervous system need good quality food to function properly. At times, however, our soul also needs tasty treats that are consumed purely for pleasure and not for their nutritional value. But beware! Food consumed solely for pleasure acts almost like a drug, quickly enticing us to repeat the “sin”.

Thus, it can be stated that there are foods capable of causing addiction. Researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed this theory with 518 people, and collected data for complete food addiction with 7-10% of the participants, while 92% displayed addictive behaviour towards only certain foods.
Unfortunately, addiction is not usually caused by fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the time, addiction can develop toward fast food, high – carbohydrate and sugar delicacies.

In our Pulzus survey, we asked our users about food addiction. 41% of respondents believe they do not have any food addiction.

Do you think you may have a food addiction?

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