Pandemics of the future – Pulzus survey

Of the many challenges of the 21st century, emerging infectious diseases are among the most severe threats. COVID-19 is one of the most tangible examples of the growing number of pathogens, demonstrating such epidemics’ economic and social impact.

Throughout the EU, Member States mainly took similar measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic. The main steps were the closure of borders, reduction of aviation, closure of certain types of business, in some places the restriction of opening hours, limiting the possibilities for gatherings, banning events, and the closure of educational and cultural institutions.

Tourism is one of the most vulnerable economic sectors, in which the events that cause the crisis are often sudden, unpredictable and cause severe damage. There is no question that there will always be crises, and businesses need to be prepared for its consequences even without knowing its characteristics (when it will occur, what type it will be).

We asked Pulzus users if they thought we would be more effective at curbing future pandemics than Covid-19.

50% of the respondents think that they will be able to handle another pandemic somewhat more effectively.

Do you think that control of future pandemics will be more effective?

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