Do you donate blood? – A survey by Pulzus

An adult has an average of 5 liters of blood, about half a liter of which is a reserve that can be mobilized if necessary. Blood is essential for healing certain patients, or even saving their lives.
More and more employers and NGOs organize blood donation events, and on the website of the National Blood Donor Organization, planned blood donation events can be traced well in different parts of the country.
Three types of blood formulas are produced from the collected blood: red blood cell concentrate, platelet concentrate and fresh frozen plasma.

380 thousand units of blood is needed annually to ensure safe domestic blood supply, and this amount is provided free of charge by nearly 270 thousand voluntary donors. These formulas can be received by up to three different patients. This is where the well-known slogan comes from: Give blood and save three lives! We asked the users of the Pulzus app whether they usually donate blood.
41% of respondents does not usually donate blood.

Do you give blood from time to time?

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