Bear tracks in the Balaton Uplands – Pulzus survey

A hiker allegedly found bear tracks in the Balaton Uplands.
The bear footprints were discovered on a forest road near the National Blue Tour route around Balatonhenye.

It is surprising to find such traces near Balaton, as people only encountered them in the vicinity of Börzsöny, Bükk, Mátra, and Zemplén before.
Not a single bear has ventured so far and in this direction on the green corridors until now.
Presumably, a mother and her cub left their traces in the mud on the National Blue Tour route.
Experts warned that bears have a highly developed sense of smell; they can detect food from up to two kilometres away, and they can even attack humans, especially if their cubs are around.
Bears don’t look at us as a food source. The majority of bear attacks are accidental; sometimes, the animal feels unable to escape, so they try to protect themselves by counterattacking.
There is no optimal solution for a bear encounter, so it is better to avoid them. However, if we block the bear’s escape route, the animal will feel cornered and will most probably attack.
The assumption that it is better to stay still has some logic behind it: the bear won’t feel like someone wants to hurt them.

We were curious what Pulzus users would do if they came across a bear.
Based on the answers, 65% would try to sneak away quietly, but 24% would not know what to do.

What would you do if you came face to face with a bear in the woods?

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