What pose do you take when sleeping? – A survey by Pulzus

According to researchers, lying on your back is the healthiest sleeping position, as your head, neck, and back get proper support, and your face is not pressed against anything.

Although lying on one’s side is not as healthy, it is not a harmful pose at all. Sleeping on one side is especially recommended for snorers – for them, lying on their back should be avoided. This sleeping position is also suggested for women expecting, to ensure proper circulation.

Researchers discourage sleeping on our belly. This position is very unhealthy, as it puts harmful pressure on your spine and muscles, and prolonged lying face down can also be the cause of pain and numbness.

Overall, scientists say sleeping on your back is the most healthy and sleeping on your stomach is the least healthy. In our Pulzus survey, we asked users what kind of sleeping position they prefer to take.

68% of respondents prefer to sleep on their side, and 18% on the stomach.
In what position do you prefer to sleep?
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