How are you with breakfast? – Pulzus poll


As the proverb goes: have breakfast like a king! Nutritionists really agree that breakfast is an important meal of the day. According to the results of many surveys, it is a very common, harmful habit to miss that.

Breakfast should not be missed from a balanced, healthy diet as it supports our performance by providing the energy needed for physical and mental activities in the morning.
Experts consider the breakfast to be the most important of the daily meals. This meal is absolutely necessary for a good start of the day, as the blood sugar level is the lowest after waking up.

Did you know that our body burns twice as many calories from a breakfast meal as from an evening dinner? In addition, after breakfast, the rise in blood sugar level is also smaller, which is better for the body.

47% of those who participated in the Pulzus poll have breakfast regularly. On the other hand, 23% of respondents sometimes miss the first meal of the day.

Do you usually have breakfast?

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