Children in advertisements – Pulzus survey

The advertising industry and social media platforms – which currently also function as the most sought-after marketing outlets -, are two exceedingly developing industries.

In content created by influencers, the portrayal of children as an advertising tool is slowly but surely altering the parent-child relationships.

Suppose the child involved in the advertising campaign is not yet able to assess what is happening exactly. In that case, they can easily misinterpret the parent’s behaviour — they don’t understand what their reaction is actually about or why some things are prohibited that are otherwise allowed.

Furthermore, with each post, the child’s digital footprint increases, which will remain after their online presence. Additionally, later on, anyone can trace back the content of the child’s online activities.

These “footprints” are created without the child’s consent and will be circulating the internet even when they get older.

In one of his recent interviews, Gianni Annoni talked about why there are no pictures of his son on social media. In his opinion, children should not be used as a means of advertising, and he rejects the appearance of children on social media.

We asked Pulzus users about the portrayal of children’s photographs in ads.

Based on the answers, 35% of respondents are against it, 27% think that the parents can make responsible decisions about how and what photos they share about their children. Only 5% stated that this isn’t an issue at all.

What do you think about using children for advertising purposes?


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