Will English highway speed limits be eliminated? – A survey by Pulzus

The foreign minister, candidate for British prime minister, Liz Truss, declared in an interview that she wanted to remove the speed limit from English motorways.
Currently, the top speed for cars on UK highways is 70 mph, just under 113 km/h. This number would be increased to at least 80, which is close to 130 km/h.

Liz Truss thinks the adjustment might increase the nation’s productivity by accelerating the shipping of goods and moving people around more quickly, which would boost the economy. However, emissions would also rise equally.

We asked users of the Pulzus application if they would be happy if there were no speed limits on the highways in Hungary.
80% of respondents would not be happy if speed limits were abolished in our country.

Would you be comfortable if Hungary had no speed limits on its highways?

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