Blushing is often positive – Pulzus survey

Elpirulni legtöbbször pozitív - Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

Our facial expressions tell more about our momentary emotions than we most often would like. By doing so, we unintentionally give out signals to the outside world.

When an unpleasant or embarrassing event occurs, we become tense, in which case our face can often flush up.

Blushing is a subconscious process that is an entirely healthy and natural reaction. The direct cause of the face’s reddening is that our bodies produce hormones that temporarily dilate tiny blood vessels under the skin, which looks pink or red on the outside.

This phenomenon on the face is striking because the blood vessels run very close to our skin. At first sight, people tend to judge and form opinions merely based on visual impressions, so we can experience this reaction of our faces being uncomfortable as we do not always want to make our emotions and feelings publicly noticeable.

However, according to psychological research, we judge a person who blushes when making a mistake more positively.

Our latest research revealed that 44% of the respondents’ blush when they make a mistake, 33% do not blush at all, and 22% do not notice such a reaction about themselves. We are curious! Does your face usually flush up when making a mistake?

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