Public breastfeeding – Pulzus survey

Public breastfeeding is a controversial issue around the world. Why can something as simple as feeding a child evoke such strong feelings of anger from so many people? Why should a child be denied the right to eat whenever and wherever, when adults can do so in various street food restaurants?

Many people believe that seeing parts of a naked body appear in public is too intimate and inappropriate. Some even think that it is not very respectful. Others consider the breast to be a sexual object which should never be exposed.
In the future, a person or institution in Romania who discriminates against a mother breastfeeding her child in a public location will be penalized. With only one abstention, the Romanian House of Representatives voted nearly unanimously.

We wanted to know what Pulzus app users thought about public breastfeeding.
42% of our respondents agree that breastfeeding children in public is acceptable, while 38% said yes, but only in certain places.

What are your thoughts about breastfeeding in public?

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