The exchange rates of Forint – Pulzus survey

Hungary had the most significant rate of money depreciation in the European Union in April this year.
Although only by a bit, Hungary, with a staggering 5.2% yearly deterioration, topped Poland, the second most affected country, with 5.1%.
With this, the inflation of the Hungarian Forint has reached a 9-year high.
The MNB claims that monetary instruments are being utilized to prevent additional inflation and strengthen Forint’s value.

According to analysts, inflation will decrease in the second half of the year.
As a result, average inflation for the year could be just above 4%, and next year it will most likely return to the target range, at around 3%.

We wanted to know if Pulzus users keep track of the Forint exchange rate.
35% of respondents follow the national currency exchange rate occasionally, 30% regularly, while 20% said they rarely do so, but they try to keep up with the rates from time to time.

Do you keep track of exchange rates?

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