Do you usually save? – Pulzus survey

Te szoktál takarékoskodni? - Pulzus közvéleménykutatás

Did you know that washing dishes for 10 minutes in running water means consuming 150-200 liters of water?
Bathtub bathing is 200-400 liters of hot water consumption. A dripping tap can waste up to 1 m3 of water per month!
You can save a lot with a little extra attention. It is not just savings that need to be considered: as the world’s population grows and per capita resources decline, these concepts become more and more important, so we should pay as much attention to environmental awareness and sustainability as we do to energy conservation.

In our survey, we were curious about how much and why saving is important among users of the Pulzus app. 16% of respondents only save as long as it does not limit their comfort. Sustainable development is important to 21% of those involved in research and they know they can contribute to it with savings. 25% of Pulse users pay attention to energy use because they want to save resources, while 35% of respondents say that saving water, electricity and gas is important for them to reduce their expenses.

Do you, in your daily life, save water, electricity and gas?

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