Viktória Vaszilkó
project coordinator
Tel.: +36 30 746 7712

Nóra Győrfi
Sales Manager
Tel.: +36 30 681 6326


What is the Pulzus application?
  • The largest market-, and opinion research workshop that works through a phone application
  • The “research-company” of the smart phone age
  • Encourages the user to respond quickly, persistently and instinctively
  • Fact based news
  • Free application for both IOS and Android systems
How big is the Pulzus community?
  • 50.000 user through the country
  • 95% of them represent the age group of 18-65 of the Hungarian population
  • balanced male-female rate – 45% -55%
The advantages of the Pulzus application regarding other market research tools
  • The fastest, best value for money research tool
  • Representative, methodologically established research results within 24-48 hours
  • Even social media campaigns – facebook and google – can’t be successful with such speed
  • Reliable, complete society-wide feedback for the Hungarian X, Y, Z generations
  • With results that are easy to analyze and interpret
  • Wide reach for younger generations
Unique research opportunities - High segmentation flexibility
  • Create special custom target groups
  • Location based queries
Flexible question structure
  • Closed and open questions
  • One, two or more possible answers
  • Tree” question structure
  • Possibility of prioritizing questions
  • Post a question with precise timing
What characterizes the users of Pulzus?
  • Active interest in current topics in all areas of life
  • Open minded thinking to the surrounding world
  • IThe need for free expression
  • An active expression of important events & topics that affect our lives
  • Susceptibility to learning for fun
User experience
  • Playful answering
  • Constant information acquisition
  • Attractive prizes
  • Topical and exciting questions for everyone with text, image and video materials
  • A useful and practical knowledge base

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