They voted to amend the social law – A survey by Pulzus

The role of the state in providing social benefits would decrease over time. The intended revisions to the social legislation were considered in the parliament at the end of October. Since then, they have already voted to change the Social Security Act, which states that the government is only obligated to pay for a citizen’s social security if they are unable to do so themselves, through family members, their local government, or through charitable organizations.

Many feel that the government is abdicating its responsibility for a potential crisis situation by changing this law in the area of social care. Furthermore, the fact that it limits social policy benefits in the current context is viewed as inappropriate.

In a Pulzus study, we asked users if they thought the government should have a bigger role in social services.

83% of those surveyed agreed that the government should have a bigger role in providing social benefits.

Do you believe that the state needs to play a bigger role?

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