Do you think the 15 percent pension increase is appropriate? – A survey by Pulzus

We vividly recall the days when HUF 10-15k was sufficient for a significant buy. Today, we see that purchasing high-quality raw materials and finished goods off the store shelves might cost anywhere from 30 to 40 percent more, depending on the product’s composition.

Food and living expenses are rising, and for the time being, we do not see an end to this rise. Inflation of 25–27 percent is predicted for January 2023, according to the Minister of Economic Development, Márton Nagy, while a 15 percent increase in pensions is promised to take effect at the start of the following year.

In the Pulzus study, we questioned respondents about their opinions of the pension increase’s size.

While only 25% of respondents are content with this, 63% believe the 12% pension increase to be insufficient.

Do you think this pension increase sufficient?

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